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The team of specialists at Sunrite has vowed to provide the highest quality of  energy efficient products to our customers and the best possible customer service. The products we provide our customers with are the best the market has to offer. We will handle everything for your project including engineering, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring of  your system’s performance.


Why Lease When You Can Own

As utility rates in California rise consistently at 4% per year, your investment in solar will become more valuable in the years to come. Locking in your rates with your solar electric system now with powerful financing and government incentives makes this the best time to choose solar. 

The average US taxpayer pays almost 100 times as much in subsidies for fossil fuels as he does for solar energy. Let  Sunrite help you  install a solar power system for your home.


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What Are The Benefits of Solar Power


Solar energy is completely clean and pure

Solar energy is renewable 

The Sun is a limitless supply of solar energy

Buying a solar electric energy system is a one-time expense

Solar Power diminishes power bills

Solar Power reduces the United States dependence on coal

Solar Power increases the value of a premise

Solar Power reduces your carbon footprint on the planet

Solar Power reduces the operating costs of machinery