Solar Power Financing


As utility rates in California rise consistently at 4% per year, your investment in solar will become more valuable in the years to come. Locking in your rates with your solar electric system now with powerful financing and government incentives makes this the best time to choose solar.

The average US taxpayer pays almost 100 times as much in subsidies for fossil fuels as he does for solar energy.Finance-tax

We offer many payment options to fit your financial needs. At Sunrite our goal is to help you get a solar installation for as little as $0 down or develop a creative financing plan suited for you. Sunrite has a variety of choices to help you finance your new solar energy system. When a representative meets with you they will explain the different options that are available.

Leasing and owning are the two financing options for solar power.  A Lease or loan is designed to extend the price of a new solar system and assist you in your goal to decrease your monthly energy bill.

Both financing plans offer similar financial advantages for homeowners. The big difference between the plans is when when you own your system you pay per kWh and when you lease you pay by the month. Both plans vary by location so it is important for your representative to explain these programs in more detail.

Sunrite wants every home owner to enjoy the benefits of solar, and that is the main reason we provide our pay as you go financing plan or our ownership financing plan. Because solar has great financing options and helps the environment this is the best time to get started.

Please enjoy this video explaining the difference between leasing vs owning a new solar electric system. Please note that the figures and the lenders in the video are for demonstration purposes. When you meet with one of our representatives we can give you better rates and introduce you to our more competitive financing programs.